Gratitude is something that we should hold close at any age. Being grateful for what we have in our lives has so many benefits to emotional and mental health as well as overall happiness. Menopause is a time to be especially introspective and grateful, but it can seem hard to feel overwhelming gratitude when you are being overcome with hot flashes and feeling a bit crazy and not yourself. However, when times get tough, that is when gratitude is most important!

For me, gratitude is a huge part of self-care, and self-care for women especially is extremely important. All too often, women put themselves after others, whether it’s their spouse, children, work, or something else, and they forget to care for themselves. This is why I created a self-care guide specifically to help me get into the right headspace and care for myself. These pillars of self-care, which I discuss in my book, are called the “Jewels for the Journey.” And do you know what tops the list? Gratitude.

I believe that the discipline of self-care begins with gratitude. Self-care is all about taking a moment for yourself to get into a space of joy and being. You can begin caring for yourself by taking a moment to look around in the chaos and negativity of our world and realize all the wonderful things you have in your life to be thankful for. This can shift your mindset to see things in a more positive light in everyday life. Leading with a grateful heart will help you to begin filling up your own cup and then turning to others with renewed energy and love.

Many women look at menopause as all “doom and gloom.” But there is so much life left to live, and this can be the most wonderful, fulfilling, juicy part of all of it! It is a great time to look back on all you’ve accomplished—your career, your kids, your relationship—and be thankful for the experiences that have brought you here. I believe by looking at and focusing on the good, you create a calmer, more joyful outlook, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones.

Helping women find ways to not only embrace this stage of life but enjoy it is incredibly important to me. Life is not over when you hit menopause—it has only just begun! Starting with a heart full of gratitude and a commitment to caring for yourself, this phase can be the best one yet. Learn more about self-care and my other Jewels for the Journey in my book, The Menopause Myth. If you have questions or would like to learn more about women’s health and my services, visit my website and give us a call!