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Menopause Mindfulness: Exploring Menopause’s Effect on Health and Well-Being

October 27th 2021

Maria Shriver

I’m a Doctor, and the Only Way I Knew I Was in Menopause Was Because I Wanted to Kill My Husband.

October 12th 2021

USA Today

We All Know What Menopause Is. So Why Aren’t We Talking About Perimenopause?

September 9th 2021


Perimenopause: The Women’s Health Issue No One’s Talking About Enough

July 16th 2021


Walk + Talk with Dr. Arianna Sholes-Douglas

June 6th 2021


Hot Flashes Are a Common Sign of Menopause – And They May Also Increase Heart Attack Risk

September 15th 2020

Good Housekeeping

Quiz: Can You Spot the Aging “Facts” That Just Aren’t True?

September 8th 2020


The 6 Best Warming Lubricants to Heat Things Up Even Further

July 21st 2020


Here’s How to Tell If You’re Suffering from Menstrual Migraines

April 1st 2020

Yahoo! Life

Here’s How Different Types of Milk Impact Your Hormones

January 6th 2020

Well + Good

The Overlooked Importance of Testosterone in Women

November 20th 2019


4 Signs You Should Talk to Your Doctor About Painful Sex

October 18th 2019


Dealing With Hot Flashes? These 7 Wardrobe Staples Will Keep You Comfortable

October 17th 2019


Empowering Through Knowledge of Womens’ Health

October 14th 2019


How to Cope With Some of the Most Difficult Menopause Symptoms

October 11th 2019

Yahoo! Life

Hot Flashes Are a Common Sign of Menopause – And They May Also Increase Heart Attack Risk

September 24th 2019

Yahoo! Life

What Are Hot Flashes – And Why Do They Happen During Menopause?

September 17th 2019


When Does Menopause Start – And How Long Does it Last?

September 17th 2019


How Can You Turn Menopause Into The Best Time Of Your Life?

September 9th 2019

Cafe Mom

11 Reasons Women Bleed During Pregnancy & What It Means for Baby

May 1st 2019


9 Freakiest Things That Happen During Childbirth

March 19th 2018


What Happens To Your Butt Hole When You Give Birth? Here’s What To Prepare For

August 4th 2016


What No One Tells You About Labor

July 14th 2015