Demystifying Menopause - Dr. Arianna Sholes-Douglas

Demystifying Menopause: What is Normal?

One of my main goals is demystifying menopause. That includes letting women know about symptoms that aren’t as well-known as hot flashes and weight gain but are, nevertheless, normal. Are any of these familiar to you? If so, rest assured they’re normal – and so are you! NORMAL: “My vagina looks… different” Mama may have […]


8 Symptoms of Perimenopause

Fluctuating hormones can wreak havoc. Since birth and we’ve been constantly adapting to the fluctuations that come from every stage in life. From puberty through reproduction, and then through perimenopause, we are constantly going through some fluctuation or transition into the next phase.  As women begin to enter menopause there are a number of symptoms […]